1st AI Art & Design Camp

Learn to create stunning artworks within minutes using Artificial Intelligence tools. This is a beginner friendly live 4-week online camp.

AI Art | Color Psychology | Typography | Composition | Empathy

Starts 8th October, limited seats.

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Examples of artworks you will create

No prerequisites or drawing/painting skills needed

No Photoshop or Coding required

No Complex programs to learn

All you need is curiosity & Imagination

  • Anyone can be an artist by learning these simple yet powerful design principles & AI tools

  • Learn visual design theory and apply it to create your own unique artwork

  • Free download resources & extra materials to inspire your creativity further

  • Live online sessions with experts​ every weekend.

  • Beginner friendly. You just need to have the curiosity and 2 hours every weekend to learn.

  • Share and showcase your artwork and get featured!



Camp Program

week 01

Intro & Visual Design Principles

  • Instructor intro & program structure

  • What skills you will achieve

  • Learning goal & about final project

  • Color Psychology & Typography

  • Intro to AI art

week 02

AI Art basics & Creating Your 1st Artwork

  • Schools of art & design

  • Art genres 

  • Wall art painting with AI tools

  • Explore AI Prompts

  • Sign up with AI tool & artwork creation

week 03

Empathy in Design & Mood Board Creation

  • Empathy in design 

  • Simple & free tools of trade

  • Getting inspiration & creating your mood board

  • Composition, Aspect Ratios, Lighting

  • Recommendations for final project

week 04

Personalized AI Art Workshop with Expert

  • Share your AI artworks & experience

  • Creating print ready artworks

  • How to sell your artworks

  • How to use your Design & AI art skills in the future

Our Mentors

Young and dynamic industry experts and highly experienced learning mentors will empower you and support you through this artistic journey.

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Sachin Kamath
Hyper-realistic artist, Fine Art Painter, AI Artist

Sachin loves to create realistic drawings and uses mixed-media and digital art techniques to define his thinking and artwork. He does not shy away from embracing technology and uses it to bring his artworks to the next level. Afterall, he is also a tech geek and an entrepreneur.


Diana Zdybel

NLP Practitioner & Mentor

Diana creates innovative social educational projects. Being a Learning Mentor she has experienced firsthand how positive education can change lives. Diana teaches growth mindset, design thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence. 

From Newbie
To AI Artist
In 4 Weeks

Our goal is to make this a 5 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ online camp for you. We guarantee at the end of this camp you will be able to generate stunning artworks!

  • AI Art & Design Camp

    Valid for 3 months

Now anyone can create wonderful artworks!

Camp starts 8th October, limited seats.

Get Diwali discount 45% OFF!

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