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Where teenagers 10X their design skills with the latest tools and technology. They learn to apply design thinking, visual principles and AI art creation through a variety of exciting activities and projects. Our program is prepared and taught by top industry experts.

Activity based learning

Live lessons and  mentorship

Learn to use latest Industry Tools

Become Creative
AI Artist

  • New-age design skills trending in the industry.

  • Project-based immersive learning.

  • Live online sessions with industry experts​ every week.

  • Activities aimed at strengthening students critical and creative thinking

  • Live mentorship and counselling.

  • Completion certificate.


Our Mentors

Young and dynamic industry experts and highly experienced learning mentors will empower children and support them to step-up in school and life!


Diana Zdybel
NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Course: Leadership Mindset

Certified NLP Practitioner with over 15 years of experience caring for children. Diana creates innovative social educational projects that focus on the child's personal educational needs. As a Learning Mentor and Headmaster, she has seen firsthand how positive education can change a child's life.

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Sachin Kamath
Designer & Creative Specialist

Course: Creativity & Design

With over 17 years of experience in Art & design, he understands the value of creativity and innovation. For the past 5 years, he has been a senior technical lead in the babycare industry at P&G, Germany. This experience has given him a unique perspective on the importance of fostering creativity and intelligence in others. He strives to create a learning environment that is both fun and productive.

Unlocking Children's Potential,

LEMON ACADEMY is a 21st-century digital learning journey. Our Mentoring is an immersive experience aimed at solving a single problem - how to unlock potential in every child.

Improve Neuroplasticity

Ask questions and be inspired

Immersive & Conversational

What Our Parents and Students Say

“The lesson was interactive and conversational. I really liked the teacher, she respects other people's opinions and explained everything very well.”

Artur (12)

Student, Ukraine

“I really like the idea of Lemon Academy and their approach to teaching children. I think this is exactly what all parents need for their children to have a good start in life and to be prepared for the challenges that are coming our way.”

Divya Bhat,

Parent, India

“It is a great educational platform for improving your mindset, on how not to give up and keep learning, growing, and thinking of new ideas. I highly recommend this! 👏”

Saish Bhat (15),
Student, India

Explore Our Pricing Options

We have plans that suit every parent and kid's need. Right from a free session to 3 month learning journeys designed to provide the best experience and results. We will also support your child in continuously mentoring long after the course is done.