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The TV Design That Existed in My Dreams - RetroPop TV

"Wow, does this TV exist?"

Introducing the RetroPop TV - a revolutionary new television design that combines the best of technology with the beauty of art.

The RetroPop TV is more than just a television, it's a statement piece that will elevate any living room. Imagine having friends over for the big game and hearing them say "Wow, that's a TV?"

Now back to reality 🤖

This TV existed only in my dreams.

This entire landing page design, along with the visuals, text, brand storytelling, was created using AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, background removers and image enhancers.

I just had to come up with the concept, what I wanted to convey, and apply my design knowledge fundamentals.

In short, I had to choose the right tools, provide the AI with right inputs, and then curate the final work.

However, this was missing the craftsmanship. But I feel the definition of craftsmanship is going to change with years.

The advent of AI-powered design tools has me beyond excited! It means we can prototype for clients much quicker, providing them with tangible prototypes and mockups without spending long hours, only for them to change their minds at the last minute.

Make no mistake, AI is not here to replace us, it's here to be a tool just like everything else we already use as designers. From generating wireframes, layouts, and icons to creating animations and videos, the possibilities are endless.

As we've seen, digital design tools like Illustrator, Figma, in the past decade have only amplified our abilities as designers, allowing us to create better, more impactful work.

AI is no different, it's here to augment our abilities, not replace them.

As designers, it's our job to adapt, evolve and leverage these new tools to create designs that are truly unique and stand out in the crowd.

So, let's embrace the future and all the opportunities it brings.

The RetroPop TV is the perfect example of how AI-powered design tools can be leveraged to create truly revolutionary designs right out of our imagination.

Want to creating a portfolio of dreamy websites? Let me know in comments below and I will send you a guide on how to make them with AI tools.


After some requests, I am planning to create short courses on how you as a UX/UI Designer can do this as well. Please help to fill out this form if you are interested:


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